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Industrial manufacturing of products is complicated.As for in a baking recipe, the raw materials for manufacturing need to be in the right place at the right time, in the right amounts: This is where we come into play. We design and build conveying systems to make this possible.We plan and supply individual solutions in the nutrition, pharma, personal care, chemistry and plastics sectors for our customers around the world. Sectors with a good future.

Each product is different and consists of different raw materials. Each conveying system therefore needs to be specially designed. Our installations pneumatically transport the raw materials from the storage bins of our customers into production. The materials are sieved, dosed and weighed by machines, in accordance with the specific amounts set in a recipe beforehand.
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For optimal product quality, it is important that everything is exactly as it should be. This is assured by an electronic control that regulates the fully automatic process. In the course of production, the raw materials come together and are mixed.For mixer feeding units, we are the No. 1 worldwide.

If the product needs to have a creamy consistency, we install a special system from AZO Liquids, which enables fluid to be added to the powder mixes. Lastly, we convey the mixes to the next production step where they are pressed or packaged. This is how varied products for daily use are produced such as ready-to-bake rolls and biscuits, toothpaste, varnishes and paint, medicines, milk products and chocolate, or various plastics. There is therefore a little of AZO in almost every product!

As a family company, the values of partnership, trust and reliability are particularly important to us. In addition to an interesting future-proof work environment, our employees worldwide - over 1,000 - benefit from the diverse social benefits of a modern company.